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Year built 1977
Edmunds Serial # (dash tag) LBM-296
Dash Tag (click to enlarge)
Year restored to, (if restored), or current status 1977 / 1978
Years the car ran 1977 - 78 by Danny Frye driven by Ken Schrader and then Arnie Knepper. Richard Mueller 1979 - 1984. Wayne Branson 1985-1986 driven by Doug, Roger & Don Branson
Original engine in car, type, size, etc VW, (size unknown)
Current engine in car, type, size, etc VW type 4 /Porsche 914 - as arrived from Bransons
Type of suspension, bar, coil, etc 4 bar, front mounted low in chassis
Miscellaneous mechanical information Hilbourne Injection / Halibrand rear end
Former drivers Ken Schrader, Arnie Knepper, Doug, Roger & Don Branson
Notable finishes, championships Unsure. Still researching. unsure. Arnie Knepper was St Louis champion in 1978, possibly driving this car?
Car # 's the car ran as Original number was 1.
Tracks the car ran at, (please list track names and location)

Ascot Park / Springfield / Ft Wayne Indiana / Angel park Wisconsin

Former sanctioning bodies the car ran with SLARA
Current vintage groups the car runs with Historic Speedway Association of Australia, (http://www.historicspeedway.com), Vintage Speedcar Association (Qld) Inc., (http://vsaq.net)
Former car owners Danny Frye, Richard Meuller, Wayne Branson, Dan Connyer
Year the car was restored 2010
Person / shop that did the restoration Phillip Crompton - Datafin Pty Ltd Race Team Workshop
Certifications / awards post restoration Certified by VSAQ.
Web site .
General Description Very good condition, ready to run.
Current owner / location / contact information Phillip Crompton, Brisbane Australia, sportssedan21@bigpond.com
Any additional information you want to provide about the car / owner / drivers Car is run regularly at club track days and driven with spirit by owner.

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As received new in 1977.

Arnie Knepper sitting on the wheel, 1978

Displayed at tri city, 2009