MONEY: Over time we incur expenses due to the web site space and bandwidth. So far it has not been a lot so we are happy to continue to provide this service free of charge. However if you would like to donate to ensure this information stays online we would much appreciate it. You can donate to our paypal account at:

EDMUNDS / OR OTHER MIDGET MERCHANDISE OR PARTS: If you are in possession of surplus parts you can not longer store or want to get rid of please reach out to us by email. We would be happy to review what you have. Upon review we could probably give them a very good home - or can provide you with the name of people or museums who can give them a very good home.

We work closely with the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing ( and while they are at most times tight on space they might have interest in certain items for their displays, or in a position to take in donations. If you do not know what EMMR is or have never been there - quickly click on the above link and check out what a great place this is!

Brian Watson