How to view the Registry

Our intent was to set up a simple site that was easy to navigate thus allowing you to access information as quickly as possible.

To the left you will see YEARS listed with numbers next to them. The numbers next to the years represent the amount of cars added to date within that year. The amount of cars added will contiguously change so please check back often. If a YEAR is not listed, we have no cars yet for that year.

Once you click on a YEAR you will be taken to a summary listing of all cars within the registry for that given year, a small thumbnail image along with a short description.

Once you find a car you want to learn more about you simply click on the hyperlinked entry. That will then open a new window containing the complete information we have been provided for that car.

It opens a new window for easier bookmarking and forwarding of the link to others. The web site itself was created in a frames format which is creates issue when you try to bookmark certain pages of the web site.

To view the original web site simply look on your Internet browser for the original window you were viewing within prior to the new window opening. You can then continue to view within that year or click on a different year.

Please note: When possible cars will be listed within each year by their Edmunds dash tag (serial #).

IMPORTANT: If the car has been restored the "YEAR" will be the year that the car is CURRENTLY restored to. If the car is all original, the "YEAR" will be when the car was built. This will all be clarified within the complete description of the car. Within the description we will also list the year in which it was originally built.

If you know of someone with an Edmunds midget please provide them with a link to this site and ask them to submit their midget to the registry. Images / history of their car could provide important information to fellow midget owners / restorers.

Your questions, comments & of course suggestions are always greatly appreciated.

Brian Watson